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Salt Lake City Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Treatment for Car Accidents & Other Personal Injuries

Most people start exploring electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) after it is recommended to them by their doctor or chiropractor. The name might make some people apprehensive, but this is a safe, noninvasive treatment that can help you recover after being injured in a car accident or other type of personal injury incident.

At P.I. HELP, we have a team of skilled medical professionals who are trained to perform EMS in Salt Lake City. Our clinics are specifically focused on providing treatment for people who were victims of personal injury. We also provide free referrals to experienced attorneys in the local area if you think you want to pursue a personal injury claim.

Start your medical treatment at P.I. HELP today by calling (801) 383-2483.

How EMS Can Help You Recover

Electrical muscle stimulation helps to stimulate your muscles through electric impulses. Basically, EMS works by simulating normal exercises by causing the muscles to contract and relax. This results in your body sending extra oxygen and blood to the muscles. Blood and oxygen are critical components of the healing process, so the more an injured area receives, the better it can recover. Having your muscles contract repeatedly can also teach them how to start functioning properly again, so you can regain your full range of motion.

EMS is not a painful treatment. In fact, this treatment has proven to be an effective method of relieving pain without using pain medication. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone who has concerns about becoming addicted to painkillers.

Are You Interested in EMS?

The skilled medical team at P.I. HELP can provide you with immediate medical assistance after an accident. If you are interested in EMS and other nonsurgical pain relief treatments like ultrasound therapy or chiropractic care, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Call (801) 383-2483 to contact P.I. HELP personal injury clinic in Salt Lake City. You can also contact us online.